Things to do - general
Country india
Area 25
Languages spoken Hindi, English, Urdu, Punjabi and Pahari
Currency indian rupees
Visa requirements Foreign Nationals coming to India are required to possess a genuine and valid national passport or any other internationally recognized travel document establishing his/her nationality and identity, bearing the photograph of the individual. Exemptions Nepal and Bhutan nationals if entering India by land or air from the Nepal or Bhutan border respectively do not require a passport for entering into India.

Sports and nature

Sports and nature Fishing in Shimla Golfing in Shimla Shimla Ice Skating Mountaineering in Shimla Paragliding in Shimla Skiing in Shimla Trekking in Shimla


Nightlife Nightlife in Shimla may not compare to other cosmopolitan cities but the place has its share of nightclubs and pubs. This quiet hill station boasts of some urban and happening pubs and discos that are a must visit for party lovers. there are some of lounge, clubs, pubs and bars : Lobby Lounge, The Pub, Footloose Disco, Devico’s Bar

Culture and history

Located on the lofty ranges of the Himalayas, Shimla is a place that has been untouched by commercialization and globalization. It is very different from rest of the Indian states and has retained its old world charm. The culture of Shimla is such that it portrays a sound balance between traditional values and modern thoughts. The cultural heritage of Simla is very traditional and rural. Read on further about the culture of Shimla. The people in Shimla depend on agriculture as a source of their livelihood. Cattle rearing is yet another way of earning a decent livelihood. The people in Shimla live in small huts with slated roofs. Every unit of village has its own shops and other facilities and necessities. There are regular fairs and festivals in these villages. You will find more information about the culture, music, dance, people and religion of Shimla in our related sections.

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